Convenience Store Treasure

2 Apr

There is a wealth of retro, kitschy toy fun to be had at the convenience stores in Toronto.  There are many mom and pop stores that  have been in business for a long time and who have on their shelves old products that have been there probably since they opened.  I love to check these stores out to see what unusual things they have, and I am rarely disappointed.  The first store I scored at was this place, Food Plus Market on Yonge St.

Food Plus Market, 2914 Yonge St

In one corner I was happy to find these babies:

They are small, (approx 6″ long) ‘electric sparklers’. Isn’t it cool that they’ve decided to put an illustration of a tiger jumping through a ring of fire on the packaging?  I don’t know how old they are but these, and other items I will be posting about soon, dear reader, are clear evidence of the superior design of old packaging when compared to today’s.  The use of actual hand made illustrations is part of what makes old packaging so great, but also the absence of extraneous text allow the image and typography to shine through, unencumbered by the philosophy of the company,the health info and so on that usually clutter up modern product wrappers.  I just love these sparklers, and you will too, if you hurry to Food Plus Market, there are still some available.

This next package is available at most Petro Canada Gas Stations, though I got mine at the one at 830 Burnhamthorpe Rd in Etobikoke.

Petro Canada, 830 Burnhamthorpe Rd, and others

They have these candy and toy surprise bags which I must say were very disappointing as there were no toys to be had, just cheap candy.  But the reason I had bought it was because of what the bag led me to believe I had in store:

I mean, is there anything more enticing than this chillin’ looking pig lollipop? But alas there was no pig lollipop to be found, nor green frog nor rocket either, all alluded to on the package.  Thanks a lot Surprise Bag!  Thanks for using this pig lollipop to get me all excited and then not delivering!  But I will keep this to treasure forever.  Get yours today!


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