Street Art: Monster Box

2 Apr

There are so many talented artists who add to the vibrancy of our city (Toronto) by anonymously creating and installing artwork in public places.  These works always bring a smile to my face and I admire the guts these artists have to put their work out there where it can be stolen or removed by the city, (as is often the case)  and where there is no chance  for recognition.  I feel this is extremely selfless and generous of these artists, and by documenting these ephemeral installations we can all enjoy them long after they are gone.

This particular work I found in Parkdale (A west end Toronto neigbourhood) but the intersection now escapes me.  The way they have used the shape of the newspaper box to create a three eyed large mouthed monster is pure genius.  I wish I’d thought of it.  Wait, is it too late to say I did think of this?



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