Lady Heart Portfolio: Polaroids

4 Apr

There is something about Polaroids that give a picture that extra something.  The way the colours look sort of more reminiscent of an old photograph is one aspect of it, but also the fact that it is truly one of a kind, as you can never make prints of it.  Also, there is no zoom on the camera, and it will only focus sharply at certain distances, and you cannot edit the photo on a computer afterwards.  Therefore it is always a treat to get beautiful Polaroid pictures, and here are a few of my best shots.

The first two I took when I was down at the Toronto waterfront with a friend.  There were some swans in the water, and I was trying to photograph them, but they were too far away.  But soon, a great big one came right up in front of me, and lifted and fluffed it’s wings up, as if purposely posing for me.  It was quite a magnificent bird.

The posing swan

I was really happy with the photo, the way the light diffused across the water, giving it a soft focus, and the perfect composition of the swan off centre in the frame, but as an added bonus, I was also able to capture this beautiful moment:

The posing swan's bum

A lovely day by the water.

The next photo I would like to share with you, dear reader is a Polaroid I took of a butterfly that had landed on the hyssop growing in our front garden.

I was pleasantly surprised when the butterfly was the only thing in sharp focus in the picture, a nice focal point that was a happy accident when working with a camera with no manual focus, or display screen.  I hope you have enjoyed this photos, and check back again  for more self serving promotion soon!


One Response to “Lady Heart Portfolio: Polaroids”

  1. BreOfficialBlog April 4, 2012 at 10:03 pm #

    Lovely Photographs, I like Polaroids myself, they really give that older quality to pictures (what you said ). Good Ol Polaroids, I don’t mind the digital/new age of cameras but some things I just feel are better to capture with Polaroids like family memories and stuff ( I love those Polaroid ) = )

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