Lady Heart’s Portfolio: Jewelry (well, not really)

8 Apr

In addition to my formal training as a sculpture/installation artist, I have also studied precious metal jewelry fabrication, though most of my work in that area did not result in wearable pieces of jewelry.  Rather, a look at the type of work I created necessitated a change in majors from jewelry to sculpture, as you will see here from my photos.  A common comment from my teachers at the time would be “How do you wear this work?” to which I would reply “oh no no, you actually nail it to the wall.”  End scene.

One of my first works was this black panther plate.  Approximately 9″ long from tail to teeth, this enameled copper sheet cat was set with turquoise cabochon stones to represent eyes, and features holes drilled at the perimeter to rivet the piece on something, a long clutch purse being what I had envisioned:

I was very pleased with the outcome of this piece, but it is not really jewelry, now is it?  In what area do you think a metal plate for a clutch purse falls, dear reader?

Next in my rebellious jewelry practice was this small cast tape cassette.  Carved out of hard jewelry wax, then molded and cast, this small, silver work measures approx. 1.25″ and is set with a small hole at each corner so it can be sewn or riveted to an item of clothing, or, like the cat, mounted on a purse:

It possesses the crudeness that is typical of my work (according to my professors), that I liked to misconstrue as “charming” and “intentional”.

And in the same vein, I created another small cassette piece, created from the aluminum from an Arizona Iced Tea can, as a solution to a project that required us to use garbage as the primary material.  It is a similar size as the above cassette.   In addition to the aluminum can I used silver tube rivets to suggest the tape spools.  This could be made into a pin if I attached a pin back to the other side, but I envisioned it as a small sculpture, something to squirrel away in a little box, or display in a little cabinet.

There you have it, jewelry, done sculpture style!  I suppose this result was inevitable for a jewelry student who doesn’t wear jewelry.  Stay tuned for the least jewelry-like piece I ever did soon!


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