Thrift Store Finds: Give-a-Show

1 May

When shopping at my favorite junk store I came across this great Kenner “Give-a-Show” Star Wars projector toy.  It’s a small flimsy projector that comes with slide strips that you manually feed through it to create a movie like experience.  A few of the slides have small captions at the top or bottom, but the bulk of the ‘show’ must be filled in with either imagination, or memories of having seen the film,  the latter seeming like an unlikely senario for the age group reprisented on the box:

How old are these kids, like four?

There are 16 slide strips, and though they are numbered the fact that so many of them are just illustrations of ships shooting at other ships with “Pu! Pu!” type sound effects written on them makes recreating the plot of the film with these a task only suited to a hard core Star Wars fan, not a toddler.

I noticed a few other blogs posting about this item, but none thought to properly highlight how hilariously awesome the slides are.  The bold colours and simple graphic illustrations are wonderful to begin with, but as I mentioned above they are also punctuated with unusual sound effects, like “Ktang!”, “Sfoom!”, “Ftik!”, and “Wok!”.  On closer inspection of the other bloggers’ sets, I realized that some of my slides have been printed irregularly, creating extra colourful scenes that are really quite striking.

And so, as the box suggests, I will now “Give-a-show” to you, dear reader, and hopefully this post will be something you “Give-a-Shit” about.

These first slides are the misprinted ones, which are my favorites out of the bunch.  I love the unintended pink and purple result:

"You are my prisoner Princess Leia!"

"Artoo! Where are you going?"

"Into the trench!"

It’s quite a show eh?  The slides are perhaps better viewed this way, as they lose their saturation when projected with the cheap toy projector.  These misprinted slides would make awesome t-shits and other pirated merchandise don’t you think?  But again, please refrain from stealing my idea to make counterfeit goods and sell them.

Here are some of the best of the properly printed slides:

"I cant shake them!"

"On to Alderaan!"

"The fighters...trouble!"

"Where's Alderaan?"

"Get that Capsule!"

"Use the force Luke!"

These are just a few of my favorites, as there are 112 slides in the set there are too many to show them all.

Did any of you have a Give-a-Show toy as a child, and if so, did you ever Give-a-show with it?  I think these types of toys are kind of cool in theory but they taint the child’s imagination and confine their play to things they have seen on the TV or in the movie, kind of like when you read the book after you’ve already seen Girl, Interrupted and you can’t get Angelina Jolie’s vacuous face and whole “I have my children’s shoe sizes written in Swahili tattooed onto my shoulder blade” persona out of your head.  Thoughts?

Star Wars Give-a-Show found at Odds and Ends, 703 Queen St. W., Toronto


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