Vintage Books: The Raunchinator

2 May

While looking through the mystery and suspense section of the book aisles at Value Village (a Goodwill-like thrift store,) I came across a set of books that were smutty and cheesy looking in that perfect way.  They were just some second rate Jame-Bond-type suave- cocky-guy-fights-international-super- evil novels, but the cover photos and titles were so of the genre they should be used as teaching materials for those wishing to learn more about this exciting, dynamic literary style.

Not familiar with the type of protagonist that inhabits this domain?  The back of one of the books offers a tantalizing peek at this cliche of a hired gun:


Jonas Wilde, eh?  Good name, it makes the character seem so rebellious, so, so…wild, don’t you think? But the best part of these books are the covers, which of course feature half nude women with guns.  And check out the consonant titles:

"The Dominator" By Andrew York

Who is that, a character in the book?  His girlfriend?

"The Expurgator" By Andrew York

Does anyone see the irony in this title?  Allow me to supply the necessary information:



verb (used with object), ex·pur·gat·ed, ex·pur·gat·ing.


to amend by removing words, passages, etc., deemed offensive or objectionable: Most children read an expurgated version of Grimms’ fairy tales.

to purge or cleanse of moral offensiveness.
(Courtesy of (cut and pasted from)
It’s a cheap assassin book with a semi-nude woman on the cover wearing a fur coat and carrying a gun while sitting, legs spread, in the front seat of a car.  Is Jonas Wilde’s mission to censor this book?
And lastly there was this one:

"The Captivator" By Andrew York

“The Captivator”, what is that, an allusion to her outfit?  Anyways, hopefully these armed women were a good help to Jonas, even if only as vehicles to boost the books’ sales.

Books purchased at Value Village, 1319 Bloor St. W., Toronto


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