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Found Photographs: THOR!

19 Apr

When I was around 17 I landed an internship at eye Weekly, an alternative Toronto newspaper, now called The Grid, that centered around arts and local politics.

An eye Weekly cover from 2008 ( a good 5 or 6 years after I left) Isn't it sooo ironic and hipster and ironic? I mean, could you be any more...whatever!?

This internship entailed fact-checking, compiling music and show listings,  (both extremely tedious tasks in a paper like this where every band and artist featured had some special, stupid way they wanted their name spelled) writing small blurbs on upcoming events, and other time consuming work that actually made up the bulk of the paper beyond the 8 pages of articles at the front.

As most of you know, an “internship” is that special kind of  job where you do a lot of work for free, and in exchange they get to treat you like dirt.  Despite this arrangement, the people at eye added an extra twist to the  fair exchange of free work for writing exposure, wherein they take ideas for articles pitched by interns that would be written for free, and “give” them to paid freelance writers, thereby circumventing the cost/benefit balance that is so delicate to maintain, creating a situation in which the possible value accorded to each the intern, (in terms of potential published writing for their portfolio) and the paper, (for what could be a free article) is reduced in direct proportion to the value, in this case actual money, that now has to be paid to the freelance writer.  Clever, no?

And so, like every intern or poorly paid employee who seeks to recoup that lost value, (a feat usually accomplished with stolen office supplies) I set out to recoup what I felt I was owed.  But, this being an arts and culture paper where all sorts of bands, artists and film-makers submit press-packs for review, I was afforded the chance to make up for all that I endured and then some, when I found, and stole this photo:

THOR on Enigma records

Now the photo is aged, and curled, so I know it may be hard to see how awesome it really is, so let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Here, in a rare pic from his gay Mexican wrestling caveman days, we see Jeremy Irons on lead vocals.

And the band: From left, Adrien Grenier in his 'caveman chic' phase, Carrie Fisher, Jeremy Irons in his ninja-goalie Chippendale's outfit, The Wire's Dominick West as "Thunder Thighs" and a young Jon Lovitz. For superior enjoyment, click to enlarge!


With this photo in my possession, I consider the time I worked for eye Weekly as paid for in full.