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Dear Diary: Episode Two, Boys in the Park

30 Apr

As I revealed in the last “Dear Diary” Post I have acquired two diaries, one, a five year diary written in the years 1969 and 1970, and one written around 2001.  They are both written by girls around the same age, but of course they have vastly different content and writing styles.  The first contains entries that are rather brief and succinct, while the second goes into many juicy details about boys and getting in to trouble and stuff.  In this episode, I have selected two entries wherein each girl talks about a boy she has a crush on.  As I said before, the 1960s diary, written by a girl named Valerie, contains entries that are very short and to the point, and mention very little about who her friends are, but as I read along, a boy named Vince starts to enter the picture, and a very sweet and timid affection seems to develop between them.  Let’s join Valerie, her life already in progress, on May 31st, 1970:

“Was all day with Vince at the park, kissed me, watched TV, went to Vince’s bed.”

At first when I read this, the lack of punctuation at the end there made me think that she had gone to Vince’s bed, you know, with Vince.  But I think she forgot the comma, and just meant to say that she went to bed at the end of the day, an obvious assumption one make’s about anyone’s day, but an event she nevertheless felt important to end most of her diary entries with.  After this entry she starts to write about Vince a lot, even though just two weeks ago, on May 16 she wrote that she had kissed Rich at Cindy’s party!  You go girlfriend!

Valerie's five year diary

The second diary has much longer, rambling entries and is therefore much juicier.  I’ve gathered from my reading that at the time the unnamed writer had a boyfriend named Devin, but that didn’t stop her from meeting a boy she had a crush on named Christian at a local park in this undated entry:

“Christian paged me and I phoned him and we met in the park.  He was wearing this pinkish tank top that said “Black Hills”, blue trousers rolled up at the cuff and 20 holed doc’s  He has this really cute haircut that’s longer on one side and swept over his forehead.  He dresses, like, better than me.  While I was with Tara (seems to be the writer’s best girlfriend- ladyheart) I was asking her if I was evil for meeting this boy but she said not if I had good intentions.  He was a really nice guy, and I was really comfortable talking to him, but by the end of the night I was thinking he was gay.  Maybe I’m being stereotypical, but he sold weed in these pale pink bags, he was a really good dresser, he works at this gallery “ArtSystem”, and when we were talking about graffiti he said his tag name was “Sugar”  Oh, and he said that these thug guys in his neigbourhood called him a fag.  Later Tara said that he was just an art fag, not gay.  I don’t know.  It would be a shame for all women if he was gay.  He is so beautiful.  I find him very fascinating.  I hope me and him can be friends.  He says Artsystem has the craziest parties.  Maybe he’ll invite me to one.  I know where he lives.  It’s right, like two doors away from the “El Mocambo” (a now defunct legendary  Toronto nightclub- ladyheart)  He said he grew up up in the suburbs and he coudln’t take it so he used to just stay with friends and stuff, like wherever he ended up.  He was telling me about this one time when he was waiting for someone in Kensington Market really early in the morning, and all the meat stores were getting their deliveries and he was telling me about when he saw these huge stacks of beef carcasses that the delivery guy was unloading, and he was picking them up, one by one and slinging them over his shoulder, and sometimes he would hit his head with them, and carry them into the store, and come out and do it again, and he was completely covered in blood on his uniform.  He said it was the most hilariously morbid scene he ever witnessed.”

Wow, leave it to a guy to tell a gross story like that on a date.  Or could it be called a date?  The writer does have a boyfriend.  What do you think, dear reader?  Were her intentions good?  Should she have gone and met this boy in the park?  I think we’ve all seen what the romantic atmosphere of a park can lead to based on Valerie’s diary entry above.  Her innocent kiss led her right into Vince’s bed.

The Juicier Diary


Found Notes: 1940s Edition

4 Apr

While digging (literally) through my favorite junk shop, Odds and Ends I found a letter dated 1941 from a young woman to her boyfriend that she has not seen in a little while.

Odds and Ends, 703 Queen St. W., Toronto

Most of the letters and postcards I find are somewhat boring and give no insight into what is going on in the person’s life at the time, but this one was pretty good.  The letter writer Betty  is pining away for her lover, all the while worrying that some other girl will snatch him away.  Meanwhile she fears that he thinks she has been untrue.  And poor insecure, self depreciating, Betty, is she as cute in real life as she is in the picture he has of her in his wallet, she wonders??  A somewhat repetitive and rambling letter writer, Betty has a love affair not only with Gordon, but with run-on sentences as well.  Let’s peer back in time dear reader, for a look at the trials and tribulations of affairs of the heart, Betty and Gordon style:

To Mr Gordon Schissler

c/o S.S Manitoba

Sault Ste. Marie


Set. 4, 1941

Hello Darling!

Dearest Gord,

Well I got your letter at last, and I suppose you got mine (such as it was) and I must say I liked it a lot and I certainly didn’t think it was silly or childish and it sure is nice to have somebody you love write you such a swell letter.  Thanks honey!  The only thing I didn’t like in the letter was about that guy off the Kewatin. (lady heart- she must be referring to another navy or army boat, Gord being on the SS Manitoba)  I’m telling you Gord.  I didn’t go out with him or even speak to him that night and that’s the truth, so help me god!  He sure had his nerve cooking up a story like that.  You just gotta believe me cause I certainly wouldn’t lie to you, of all people.  Well I guess I’ve cleared that up, so lets talk about something else.

Did you get the boat safely on Wed.?  I guess you must have or I’d have seen you before this.  But we sure didn’t have much time together last night did we?  My mother almost collapsed when I got home so early.

I hope we can go to Port Arthur sometime.  I’d really like to show you around there.

I couldn’t hardly wait to get home at noon today to see if there was any mail + sure enough there was.

It rained here tonight so we didn’t go out anyplace.  I guess we will go skating tomorrow night.

Could you figure out all the initials on the back of the envelope this time? (lady heart- the back of the envelope said ” S. W. A. K.”)  I bet you couldn’t.

Still got my picture in the front of your bill fold?  You’re lucky you got that picture because it really flatters me.  It’s about twice as cute as I really am, don’t you think?

Don’t worry Gord if I do come home with any other boy I won’t kiss him at all.  I’m not kissing anybody but you and you oughta know that now, or didn’t I tell you?  I can’t promise I’ll never come home with any other boys because that’s rather hard to do when you go to a dance or something like that but I can promise you I won’t kiss them.  (lady heart-she switches from pen to pencil here)  I won’t ask you to promise that because I guess it’s harder for a boy not to do it than a girl but it would be nice to know you didn’t.

I still have “our” little jitterbug.  I don’t think I’ll lose him.  I’ll have to be careful somebody doesn’t pinch it.  You’ll have to excuse this writing but I’m in bed now and I had to get a pencil.   It’s nearly 12 so I guess I should put out light, honey and finish this tomorrow so goodnight darling.  (xxxxxx these are imaginary kisses I’m giving giving a certain blond haired boy who lives a little “joint” called Port Mc Nicholl I think you call it.)

Friday.  Well I’m back again to finish this letter.  Well school’s over for another week which is alright to (sic).

I will be looking for you on Wed. at noon if you’re in early enough.

I hope some other girl hasn’t come along yet, I’d sure feel badly if someone did.  I only wish you lived in Fort William so I could see you more often.  But I guess there’s nothing we can do about that it, is there?  You know, I often lie in bed too and imagine I’m sitting somewhere with you + you’re kissing me.  When I saw you on Wed. at noon I got the funniest feeling.  Must be love I guess.

Was the lake rough on your trip down?  I hope not.  I sure wouldn’t want anything to happen to my best boyfriend.

How’s Pat?  Still yearning for his girlfriend in Toronto?

Now I think I’ve said about everything I can think of now so don’t forget I’ll be counting the days till I see you again darling.  There’s only 5 left now.

So good bye now.

All my Love,




maybe you’ll get this many kisses next time

P.S. See you on Wed.


Have more confidence in yourself  Betty, and don’t believe the patriarchal notion that men cant control themselves around women, and women are less sexual and passionate. Women Unite!  I wonder what the little “jitterbug”  was, that she was worried would get lost or stolen?

Ah, young love.  Good luck you two!