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Dear Diary: Episode One

2 Apr

In my rummaging I have managed to acquire two diaries, both written by young women, one in 1969, one in 2002.  The two are quite different in tone and content, but they both offer a tantalizing and voyeuristic peek at the lives of two teen girls.  In this recurring column we will explore their lives, their loves, their triumphs and sorrows.  What nuggets of wisdom will be imparted? Upon reading their inner thoughts will barriers between the sexes, between generations, be broken with the realization that were all not so different?  Let’s find out together dear reader, as we take a look at what lurks inside…the diary of a teen girl!  PS.  These entries are 100 percent real, I could not make this stuff up.

Here is the cover of the first diary, a five year Diary which was started in 1969:

Lets read an entry, shall we?

“April 23, 1969.  Went to school, made Hawaiian wieners, did homework, watched TV, went to store, read.”

Okay, so perhaps the writer of this diary wasn’t feeling all touchy-feely and emotional that day.  But we’ll check back for more edge of your seat entries soon.

The second diary a lavender number, looks like this:

A sample entry:

“May 30, 2002.   I was at Devin’s house (lady heart- evidently this girl’s boyfriend) and he was so funny.  Like I was feeling sick and he doesn’t have a bathtub and he was like ‘oh I wish I had a bath so you could have one.  I guess the best I could offer you is you could curl up on my bathroom floor while I run the water on you, a good three inches might collect.’  We stayed up really late and he had to get up early the next day, and he was like ‘you know what I’m going to be like tomorrow?  You know when you burn breakfast and then throw it out?  That’s going to be me.’   The next day at school  I was talking to my friend Lex in class.  She is so cool.  She was telling me about the time these guys in a car called her a ‘trash bag’, and she spat on them and they beat her up, but she said it was worth it because no body calls her a ‘trash bag’.”

Fascinating,  no?

What adventures will these two girls have next?  Stay tuned to find out!